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+ Breakfast Club

+ After-School Club


At Wright Education we promise to create a secure, happy and stimulating learning environment in which all children can grow, be confident and fulfil their potential.

We provide each child with homework support and we offer extra curricular activities including dance, art and games. We aim to challenge your child with additional work supporting them, so they can attain the next step in their learning. 


Give your chid an academic boost during the school year by joining us and our friendly staff in a safe, stimulating learning environment where we will introduce them to new learning methods and new friends, all at an affordable rate!



We collect children from the following schools:

+ Maryland Primary School

+ Colegrave Primary School

+ St Francis' Catholic Primary School

+ Jenny Hammond Primary School

+ Ronald Openshaw Nursery

What We Do

+ Provide homework help from qualified teachers & educators

+ Work towards your child's targets received from their school

+ Encourage the use of local facilities

+ Encourage teamwork through educational games

+ Provide a healthy light supper

What We Don't Do

+ Shout

+ Only play games all day


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